The cause 

Today, the concept of bravery has taken on a new dimension. As Ukraine fights for its freedom, some of its youngest citizens face an additional fight – against cancer. In these trying times, these children show incredible bravery, strength, and resilience. Yet, even the bravest sometimes need help. Today, you have the power to help Ukrainian children in their fight against cancer. Donate to give a child a chance to win.

About the foundation

Tabletochki is Ukraine's leading charitable foundation helping children affected by cancer and their families. It is the only organization of its kind with a nationwide reach.

The Foundation operates in four key areas: providing targeted medical and psychosocial support to families, offering systemic support to hospitals treating pediatric cancer patients; facilitating continuous professional development for medical personnel; and advocating for healthcare system improvements to benefit children and their families.

Since 2011, Tabletochki has extended targeted support to over 7,500 families.

Every month, the Foundation cares for 500 children battling cancer. This includes children who continue their treatment within Ukraine and those who have been displaced abroad.