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The world-famous Ukrainian band “Antytila” will embark on a new part of the world tour. The artists will visit three continents and play large-scale Ukrainian shows. The concerts will feature songs that are sung today by people all over the world.

Ukrainian stars who before the war gathered stadiums and the largest arenas in their country and abroad.

Those who, from the first day of the war, left their instruments and went to the front.

Those who released a common song with Ed Sheeran and sang with Bono of U2.

Those who carry the spirit and strength of Ukraine in their songs…are coming to your city!

To gather like-minded people all over the world with their music.

2Step, Fortress Bakhmut, TDME, Viryla, these songs during the war became consolation and salvation for many Ukrainians. An excuse to cry, or to smile, grieve and cry out what hurts and find the strength to live and fight on. And the song Hello became the soundtrack to a sensational BBC documentary and further opened up modern Ukrainian music to European and American audiences. Soon all these compositions will be performed live in your city!

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Events Details Melbourne:

  • Date: Sunday, 12 Nov 2023
  • Time: 7 PM
  • Venue: Max Watt's